Non-Writing Endeavors

Bark Pet Photography
I run this with my partner, Kim.  We are one of Los Angeles’ premier pet photographers.  We do everything from private sessions and commercial shoots to hocking stock photos.  We love working with all animals and do what we can to help our rescue community.

NinjaDog Concepts
This is my lost pet logistics and recovery service. “We Work 24/7 to Find Your Lost Pet, Even When You Can’t.”  Yep, I thought of that all by myself!  I can think of nifty little taglines for your company, too.  Taglines aren’t your thing?  How about viral videos?

Freelance Consulting
I don’t have a fancy website for this, but you can take a peek at my resume to find out more about my skills in this arena.  I worked in the nonprofit, fundraising event world for over ten years, so I offer a lot of diverse skills here, like logistics,  management, event production, direct mail campaigns, quality assurance, and a lot more.