Published Works


Dog Photography For Dummies (Co-author), Wiley, November 2011

Plant-Based Diet For Dummies (Dummifier/editor), Wiley, June 2014
Business Analysis For Dummies (Dummifier/editor), Wiley, July 2013
Plant-Based Diet For Dummies (Dummifier/editor), Wiley, June 2014

“Just Deserts,” FlipCollective, March 2014
“Smells Like Teen Murder,” FlipCollective, February 2014
“These Are the Days Oui Remember,” FlipCollective, February 2014

“Everything’s Rosie: The Life of a Special-Needs Rescuer and Her Chihuahua, Parts I and II The Water Bowl
“A Texas-Sized Heart: The Secret World of Multi-Species Rescue in the Lone Star State” The Water Bowl
“The Secret World of Doggie Daycare The Water Bowl
“Preventing Your Worst Fear: Keeping Your Pet Off the Missing List” The Water Bowl
“The Drama Behind the Lens: Stories from the Secret World of Pet Photography,” The Water Bowl
“Beating the Odds: Successful Recovery Stories From the Secret World of a Lost Pet Specialist,” The Water Bowl
“Losing With Dignity: Thoughts From a Pet Loss Grief Coach,” The Water Bowl
“Full Bellies and Hearts: Involving Your Pet in Thanksgiving,” The Water Bowl
•”Choose Your Purrfect Howloween Adventure,” The Water Bowl
“Aim to Please,” The Bark Magazine, March-May 2012 issue
•“Love Letter to My Dog” (pdf),  Pawsh Magazine, Jan-March 2012 issue
•“What to Do If Your Dog Gets Lost,” (pdf),  Pawsh Magazine, Jan-March 2012 issue
“Time to Say Goodbye,” CityDog Magazine, Holiday 2011 issue

“A Sunday on the Canyon” FlipCollective, February 2014

“Paws Amidst Pain” First published in Will My Pet Go to Heaven? (Winepress, October 2002)

Avanti Press
*Responsible for verse only; not design
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